We’re happy to provide some explanation and FAQ’s that may help answer some preliminary questions you may have regarding web design in general.

  1. Do I have to have hosting to have a website? Quick answer, yes. Long explanation is: There are two parts to any website. The domain name and the hosting. You can’t have anything live online without both. The domain name DNS’s (domain name servers) are directed to the hosting IP’s (locations) and the two “speak” to each other. In turn your site becomes “live” if you will. The only way around this is if you have your own servers at home. Who wants those just sitting around making your electric bill go up? This is why we use online hosting. Further, depending on what kind of site you have, you can get into legalities regarding location of stored content. It’s just best to have that in the hands of someone else.
  2. What if the host breaks and I lose my website? You won’t. Most hosts, at least the one I use, are constantly backed up. Also, if you have your own site and we design it, there’s always a backup function inside your control panel so you can do that yourself as well. Restore is also available. It’s smart to back up at least monthly. Sometimes weekly if you do a lot of editing and changes or additions.
  3. What can I expect to pay for web services? That depends on what you want. I can tell you that we always give free quotes. We stick by our quote costs as well unless you make a bunch of additions we didn’t previously talk about. There are no surprises. Everything is okayed by you before we do anything. Also, all work is accessible for you to view anytime during the process of creation. If you decide to use us for services, we require 1/2 up front and 1/2 at the time of completion. It’s been this way since I can remember. Once you become a client we come to know and love, you won’t be required to put anything down. We still believe in the power of the spoken word and a handshake to get things done. If you’re worried about putting 1/2 down and not getting anything in return, just ask us for some references. We’ll let you speak directly with a few of our clients who we work with and they can tell you themselves, we’re legit!
  4. I don’t know how to obtain an domain name or hosting and I want you to just take care of everything. Okay we can do that! It’s not uncommon for persons to become overwhelmed with information and they just want us to handle everything. That’s what we’re here for. Again, everything is approved by you before we do it. You will be given full logins so you are in charge of everything. You will be responsible for renewing your domain name and hosting. Renewal for domain names are annual while hosting can be annual or monthly depending on your financial situation. Domain names usually don’t go over $15 per year and hosting is usually around $2 per month.
  5. What if I contact you for a quote, put 1/2 down and I don’t like the design you have created? We’ll keep trying until you like it. If you decide not to go with us we’ll just charge you for our time which would be the 1/2 down. You won’t owe a remaining amount.
  6. How do I send you money? What payments methods to you take? We accept PayPal, so you can pay using any major credit card, we accept Google Wallet, so again you can pay using any major credit card and we accept checks. You can also pay using Chase Quick-Pay. You will receive an invoice from us as well. If you desire, we can provide you with a W9.
  7. What does the SW mean in SW Designs: Fun fact! Well that’s a very good question. It doesn’t stand for Southwest! I’m the owner, and I really like playing darts. So much so that I was on leagues just about every night of the week. I’m pretty good for a girl most say. Well, good enough to be tri-state champion for several years. In any event, my dart name is Steel (that was given to me). My internet name is SteelWidow. Hence, SW Designs. Why did I add widow onto it? I’m petrified of spiders but I also think they’re pretty cool and the two names go together. It’s been my name for many many years. What’s my real name? Colleen. Where are we located? Columbus, Ohio.