SW Designs was formed in 2003, before content management systems became all the rage. This means that we were coding straight html codes, onto notepad, by hand, to create web designs. Since then a lot has changed and we’ve changed with it. We have always offered the best customer service experience to our clients that’s possible.

Our clients can expect: Quick responses to questions, timely met deadlines, consistent updates during projects, great advice on your ideas and we know how to make things happen the way you expect. We can set things up so you can edit your site or if you have no interest in that, we can do it.

Quotes: We’ll quote you on your projects ahead of time so there’s no guess work involved on how much you’ll owe. For clients that are new, we require half up front and the other half at completion. For clients that we’ve worked with a long time, they usually don’t even need a quote anymore. They just send over the work and it gets done. If you are new and would like a reference, just ask. We’re more than happy to let our work and client experiences do the talking.

If you can dream it, we can build it. Contact us today and let’s get your project started or call 614-636-1639!