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The Doors Home is a book that I’m writing that is currently in progress as I type this. This story (book) is about a woman named Kera Strathos and her journey(s) home. She has to find a door that’s located in the world(s) that she’s forced to visit by a very sick and twisted man, Sethis. He’s a very old conjurer. Some people think he’s more of an evil force than a man. Every time she finds her way home, he puts her back in another terrifying world and she has to start all over. This is all because she won’t bend to his will and be with him eternally. The worlds are full of dangerous diseased people known as Deformers and terrible creatures at every turn wanting to kill her at any moment. Can she find her way back again and kill this man-force before being thrust into another world? | See our finished worx page or visit

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