Upcoming Worx

There are a lot of projects that are upcoming so be on the lookout! First we’ll be doing a re-build of Drum Gear Online. Right now it’s in the old HTML style that can’t be edited by the owner. We’re rebuilding the site using new CMS (content management system) so that the owner can edit it. It will be time saving for him as well as cost effective. Of course we can add or change things around as he see’s fit. We are looking forward to this new re-build as we’ve been involved with Drum Gear Online for many many years.

We’re currently in the middle of the build for Best Target Media. We’ve received approval from the credit card company (merchant account) regarding the actual website, but we’re waiting on the linkage so payments can be accepted. We’re very excited to finish this project, as is the owner, so we can show you the completed worx.

Recently we completed a new newsletter installation for Saluda Cymbals. The old newsletter coding wasn’t working with the new hosting so a brand new installation has now been completed and the coding added to the current website. In addition, they’re launching a new themed out design which we’ll have large input on. We can’t wait to bring you that in the upcoming month.

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