Domain Name Recovered!

Many years ago when we started SW Designs it was to showcase our work. Of course, like everyone else, we bought a domain name that fits our image and built it. We kept adding to it as we went along.

Unfortunately around 2010 the domain name was, by error, not renewed and almost the very next day some domain hoarder bought it up. Of course they offered to sell it back to us at a premium price. We passed as they wanted thousands. We decided to wait it out. Finally it became available and we recently have recovered our long lost domain name.

Why didn’t we re-build on another site? That answer is simple. Brand name. The emails and names associated were almost impossible to replace. Did we lose clients? Yes. Did we still work for some clients? Yes. Regardless, we have our brand back and are ready to, once again, showcase our talents. This means starting from scratch.

We do much more than develop websites. Please see our list of available services for a complete look at what SW Designs can accomplish for you. Welcome to the original SW Designs.

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